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About Nice Girls Finish Fat, The Book

Nice Girls Finish Fat—Put Yourself First and Change Your Eating Forever is the antidote to excessive other-orientedness, the cure for chronic doormat-i-tis, the solution to your food-as-best friend problem. It’s the nice-ectomy you’ve always needed in order to get your head on straight. Nice Girls Finish Fat teaches you:

  • How in the world you learned to mistake eating for self-care

  • Effective solutions for beating back the blues or the blahs

  • How to set and stick to limits with loved (and not-so-loved) ones, friends and colleagues

  • To spit out the word “no” as easily as “yes”

  • How to quit pleasing others and start pleasing yourself

  • To accept and enjoy being perfectly imperfect

  • Ways to bring your life into better me-you balance

  • How to be a healthy kind of selfish that goes down better than ice cream and will nourish you forever

Here’s a book that covers niceness from soup to nuts, by providing you with hands-on, mini-exercises that will teach you all you need to know about breaking out of Niceville and breaking free of emotional eating:
  • Grab Your Thinking Cap exercises focus on the psychological, interpersonal, and social aspects of life that you must understand in order to make meaningful change.

  • Nice Girl Recovery Tips help you undo years of overly nice behavior and transform dysfunctional beliefs and behaviors into rational thought and action.

  • No More Nice Girl Manifestos provide practical Do’s and Don’ts for every wannabe former nice girl.

  • Meet the Nice Girls vignettes tell the stories of aspiring saints like you who are learning to toss away their halos and stop abusing food and their bodies.

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