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  • Looking for a place to commiserate with others about being on the all nice-all the time channel?  Want to learn how nice girls all over the world are learning to put themselves first and stop eating their hearts out? Join the Nice Girls Finish Fat Facebook Page.

  • Need more in-depth work on overcoming emotional eating and want an online support group for a little hand-holding and heart-mending?  Join the Food and Feelings message board.

  • Seeking expert advice on how to become a "normal" eater and stop fussing about how you look and how much you weigh?  Read Karen's weekly blogs on eating (and everything related to it).

  • Need in-the-moment advice to help you become a "normal" eater? Got a Facebook account? Use it to access APPetite, Karen's unique eating app which provides personalized tips when you need them most and an online journal to help you write your way to recovery.

  • Want to start a de-nicing movement among the women in you community? Then download the guidelines to gather your nice girl friends together and start a Nice Girls Finish Fat Support Group.